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I know this topic has been bopped around in here a few times, but here it goes... I am a 35 year old, second-career, NEW grad RN with a license so new (7 days) that the ink is still wet! I'm really interested in PACU and... Read More

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    I was a new grad in a high acuity PACU. It's a wonderful place to learn how to take care of any kind of patient. Not to mention it's a huge open room, so you're constantly in the presence of other really experienced nurses and you learn a lot from them. I thrived there along with the other new grads. HOWEVER - our hospital has an amazing New Grad residency program, and I had 6 months orientation with a preceptor, and took the ECCO critical care class (along with ACLS and PALS). It all depends on the hospital, and the first thing a new grad should find out is how they handle their orientation and in particular look for a hosptial with a formalized New Grad program.