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Lifting in the PACU

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    I am looking to find a nursing position that is going to be easier on my back. Currently I am a telemetry nurse at the VA hospital. Lots of pulling, lifting etc. How much lifting is involved in the PACU? I was thinking outpatient PACU. Thanks!
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    For the most part, there is not a lot of lifting on our outpatients. Of course, there are exceptions that can be taxing. Just use good lifting mechanics and friends when needed.
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    In the PACU I work in, there is quite a lot of lifting. We are constantly pulling patients up in bed to raise the HOB and increase respiratory effort. Turning and repositioning as well as transporting require good body mechanics.
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    i have worked in UK, Australia have a no lift policy. Training and equipment is necessary and slide sheets are the best for manoevering a pt sideways, and up/ down the bed or trolley. mostly costs is what stops hospitals instituting them as part of manual handling tools.