Just took the CPAN and passed. Ask me anything.

  1. I frequent allnurses often for lots of question regarding nursing in general. I'd like to contribute to my part and provide any assistance I could to my fellow nurses.

    The book I used primarily is the purple Certification Review for PeriAnesthesia Nursing, which is 2nd edition. Although the new ASPAN standard came out this year. Most rationale from the book still gives great study guidelines..

    I also used Perianesthesia Nursing Care [Paperback]
    Daphne Stannard (Author), Dina A. Krenzischek (Author)
    As a great everyday read, it explains the essential need to know of the bedside care.

    Drains-PeriAnesthesia-Nursing-a critical care approach . It's a great book for any peri anesthesia nurses. I had the book as reference only

    Good luck to the test takers.
    The test is kinda long 175 questions with 3.5 hr to complete. No break time. U get to know the result right away.
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  3. by   peaches88
    Did you go to their test review or were you able to just study on your own?
  4. by   spitfire99
    I have the following books: 1. Perianesthesia Nursing by Drain (purple, 4th ed) 2. Review book by Puctrycus (purple one) and 3. Post Anesthesia Nursing by Litwack (older book, great on blocks, etc). I have worked in PACU x 8-10 years, been an RN for > 20 yrs and just completed my BSN. I'm hearing horror stories about nurses failing the cert. exam. Did you take any of the practice exams by ASPAN? I have looked over their recommended study guide/schedule but am wondering how long you studied, how you focused your studies, etc. I'm considering taking the exam this Spring but wanted to get some feedback before I register. I've heard of nurses studying for more than 6 months & failing, thus I'm concerned about my window of time prior to the Spring exam period. Any counsel you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
  5. by   jennafly
    I took a review class about 3 months ago, then I studied for about the last month, but some days I would study for HOURS. They tell you to study in little chunks at a time over a long period, but I am not too good at that, lol... I used the core curriculum for reference, the practice questions book and aspan standards book. I never opened Drain's perianesthesia book, but hear its good. The core curriculum is nice because it's just the facts, very concise and aspan approves. Great to make flash cards from. My practice questions book, (I think is by Putrycus?) is not approved, but I liked it because it tells you the rationale for the answers. I did the whole book and reviewed only what I missed. Chapters 6&7 were pretty brutal!

    Best advice: don't spend time on what you already know, if you are constantly recovering ortho patients, you know the dermatomes... If you never recover kids or pregnant women, make sure to check that out. All the best to ya! I was just about nuts when I was done!
  6. by   spitfire99
    Thank you for your insights!
  7. by   aroman956
    tell me about oxygen hemoglobin disassociation curve?
  8. by   JustAGreatRN
    Hi do you remembered the questions being similar to the review questions from putrycus? My exam date is right around the corner.