Going from ED to PACU

  1. Hi guys. I'm an ED nurse with 5 years experience and have reached my burn-out phase. I shadowed a nurse in the PACU several months ago and LOVED it! Its extremely hard to find an open PACU position here in Hawaii(you guys refuse to vacate : )
    I'm thinking about the CPAN exam since I "technically" do not have PACU experience. I will call the Board later, but would I qualify to sit for the CPAN exam?

    CPAN« or CAPA« Eligibility Requirements

    The eligibility requirements for the CPAN« or CAPA« exam are:

    A current unrestricted Registered Nurse license in the United States or any of its territories which use the National Council of State Boards of Nursing Licensing Examination (NCLEX) examination as a basis for determining RN licensure. An unrestricted RN license, issued by a State Board of Nursing, means that an RN license must not have provisions or conditions that woudl limit the RN's practice in any way.
    Candidates applying for initial CPAN« or CAPA« certification must have a minimum of 1,800 hours of direct perianesthesia clinical experience as a Registered Nurse during the two (2) years prior to application. Direct experience is defined as having bedside interaction with the patient and/or family in some capacity and participating actively in the individual patient experience. The candidate does not need to be technically employed in a direct care (staff nurse, for example) position. If the candidate's role (e.g., educator, manager, Clinical Nurse Specialist) involves bedside interaction with the patient and/or family in some capacity, those hours count towards meeting the experience requirement.
    Submission of a complete, online examination application.
    Successful completion of the CPAN« and/or CAPA« certification examination.
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  3. by   tdncRN
    My guess would be no. CPAN is Certified Post Anesthesia Nurse, and I believe your 1800 clinical hours would need to be from a PACU or perianesthesia setting. I hope you find a spot in a PACU. I just moved from ICU and I love it!