Considering a change to PACU - page 2

I currently work in a busy Surgical ICU and am considering a change to our inpatient PACU. I have read up a lot on peoples opinions working in recovery on this forum and I think I would love it. My... Read More

  1. by   tdncRN
    Thanks for all the responses!! I just finished week 2 of orientation and I am loving it so far I am learning to be more liberal with the narcotics, I am just so used to having a secure airway while giving large amounts! I have a feeling I'm going to really like it here once I get some good experience and learn my standards very well. I feel as though I have the most hesitation with the easiest patients because they are out of my comfort zone. I think I will get used to the schedule, but would love something earlier or even outpatient one day down the road...
    Plowboy, why did you leave PACU for ICU?
  2. by   plowboy911
    Just needed to take that next step and get additional experience. Seems like, depending on one's goals, you need a year or more of ICU experience to be credible. Not sure what my goals are, but I felt I needed to get some ICU experience under my belt. We recovered non-vent ICU pts, but not the same as managing two critical pts for a 12-hour shift. Best of luck to you, I really think you will like it.