CAPA exam

  1. i'm taking the capa exam in may. any hints? i'm reading the core curriculum for perianesthesia nursing, but much of that seems to be for phase 1, acute care. i work at an ambulatory surgery center with mainly cysto endo and pain management pts. i'm confused as what to study.
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  3. by   sharann
    No idea, I took the other one, the CPAN and it was more of curriculum stuff. Don't they have a specific one for CAPA?
    Maybe email ASPAN.
    Good luck studying!
  4. by   metroishka
    I took the CAPA in November (passed, Yay!) I also took the CPAN last May, so can compare the 2. CPAN does focus more on critical care, but I was surprised to find that the CAPA also included several questions regarding Phase I recovery (Extubation, initial assessment, local blocks, reversal meds, etc) If you concentrate on the core curriculum and read the past issues of JOPAN, you will do fine. The core covers just about everything and the magazine keeps you updated on evidence based research that ASPAN uses to promote best practice. Good luck!