RN working in outpatient ortho/spine clinic

  1. I have been selected to interview for an RN position at an outpatient ortho clinic for a large county hospital. The position is described only generally in the job posting--I am wondering what the RN role would be in a clinic setting? Casting? Setting up injections? Phone triage? Checking in patients?

    Are there any ortho RN's out there currently working in this role? I currently work on an ortho/spine floor in a medium-sized hospital that specializes mainly in elective total joint and spine surgeries. I am interested in a clinic role because I think it would be nice to see patients over the continuum of care--not just the 2-3 days they are in the hospital. I wonder how my acute care skill set with transfer? (The minimum requirement was 1+ years recent ortho or med/surg experience.) I asked a PA that I work with about it and while she didn't know for sure, she thought that the role might be more like a MA instead of an RN. But to be honest, I am not sure what the MA does in an ortho clinic? The salary is definitely in line with what an inpatient RN would make--I think because it is a county hospital job.

    Any input as to pros/cons of working in this type of position would be appreciated.
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  3. by   whitevigilants
    i work n an ortho clinic. its more MA. Making sure the clinics are run smoothly .ensure the clinic list corresponds with the profile.i do request xray, mri,ct,u/s n other request.chase results n report. apply splints,cast,slings,wound dressing(simple wound-Ilizarov frames)referrals to TVN.takes bloods if the patient has no time to go to phlebotomy clinic.clips/suture removal.
    you will see different fractures and ligament injuries, hip/knee replacement.,shoulder/hand problems.
    for spinal clinic, youll see trauma spine fracture mostly post op, and elective spine.patients coming to the clinic thru A&E, ward discharges or inpatient and referrals from GP.
  4. by   marylattarulo
    I have taken a new role in an OP ortho setting as a RN and it has been very interesting. Started as phone triage role but really the calls were msotly non nursing. The core group in our clinic are ortho techs, not even MA's, very frustrating. My role has now evolved into managing the Coumadin line becuase it was poorly handled by ortho tech, and then i will be doing post-op calls. I do not do the daily cast app etc. They do not want to pay an RN to do this type of work, which I am fine with. Nursing in a MD office is challanging if they are not set up for RN. I wish I could fine someone doing coag line in ortho clinic.