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  1. 0 My nursing manager would like for me to take the orthopedic certification test soon. I have the textbook, which I think isn't the best study tool being it's in an outline format, but I also have flashcards as well. For all of those certified what did you find most helpful?
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    Are the review/flash cards from NAON?

    If not, here is the info from NAON about updates to their ONC review materials.
    Don't know when you plan to take the test,but thought I would pass this info along. The Core Curriculum review book is the book used for ONC

    Jan 17,2011
    Quote from jahra
    Thanks P_RN for the reply. I have just been in touch with staff at NAON this week and the CC 6th edition is currently in revision and should be completed approx the end of 2011.

    Also, in revision is the Online Review (and Live Review) courses.

    Thought I would post this update for you and for anyone interested in certification.
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    I am also working on getting my ONC and take the exam next month. My manager just got certified. She said the BEST way to study is to do the practice questions from the NAON cd on the website. She said the questions on the actual exam are set up the same way. She felt that a lot of it was "common sense" knowledge. Good luck!

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