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  1. i broke my collar bone several years ago (about 5) and since then I have had problems with it. I'm going to see my doctor i had a rechecka nd was told it was fine "as good as new" but it isn't. I htought with time it would get better but it is getting worse.

    my shoulders are no londer straigh. I permantly stand a little crooked. my shoulder craks all the time the little ones don't bother me too much but about 4-10 times a day it cracks so hard that it hurts sometimes agains the shoulder joint and somtimes the collarbone and the sternum.

    if my bra sits on the inside half of my collar bone it hurts wich shouldn't happen so far after the injury.

    if I use my shoulder any more than usual especially in sports then it will hurt for days just this dull aching pain.

    So when I see my doctor, what interventions should I ask to have considered as possibilities for a solution. Is it possible to have it rebroken and set so many years after? or is this the way my shoulder now works and will only get worse from now on. I'm still only 20 and it seems young to have aches.

    I never expected it to be perfect again, but I thought it sould be better than this.
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  3. by   Bull's eye
    Where was the break? (Middle? Distal? Proximal 1/3rd?) Can you see the deformity on x-ray? Could this be post traumatic arthritis of the AC joint(or SC joint for that matter)? Would a cortisone injection help? Should you try NSAID's first(maybe you already have)? This is where I would start with the questions. Good Luck.
  4. by   Still Riding
    The break is in the middle area of my clavical. and you can see it on x-ray but you can also see it if you jsut look for it, and you can feel it. when you look at my collar bones the left (injured side) sits about 1/2 cm higher then the other. it then rises at a steeper angle and then right where the break is/was drops about an inch where the proximal healed ontop of the distal portion (overlapping).

    I've tried NSAID without much luck. I'm seeing the Dr. and am looking for ideas about what I should ask for and the options we should look into. Thanx for the idea about the cortisone injections, I don't know much about that treatment but I will do some research into that as an option. Thanx so much.

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