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Hello Everyone. I'm graduating in December and I have an interview planned for an ortho/neuro floor. I have never had clinicals on this floor so I'm not real familiar with it. I am interested in med/surg nursing, but there aren't... Read More

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    Yes. Usually we have just 5 patients. Because when you get six its already very busy. I think its very busy because I'm just a little new but I think when I'll get a few months experience then thats the time I'll have a good time management and good prioritization. Goodluck on you first week.

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    I am a new grad on a ortho floor. I just passed boards last week, but I have been on the floor now about 3 weeks and I really enjoy it! THe nurse to patient ratio on my floor is 1:4 and sometimes 1:5 for all the staff RNs.
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    I know this is a very old post but I was just hired onto an ortho/uro unit and it makes me SO happy to see such a positive things about new grads on ortho units. yay!

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