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I got hurt on the job a few months ago. I did PT & Cortisone injections in my shoulder, but I'm still in pain. On Friday, I'm having a Mumford procedure performed. The entire surgery will consist of an Arthroscopic... Read More

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    [quote=NJLaurenRN; ok just bruised, on my knees where the steering collumn got pushed back inot my knees; got a burn on my inner arms from the airbags (now its gone used silvadene and ice immediately) and whip lash. but if u saw my care u would be shoked that thats all i got. and it was only a block from my house. stinks[/quote]

    I hope you feel better soon!! Thank goodness you had airbags. Sorry about your car.

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    knoxvegas wizard nailed it. I had a mumford a few years ago and it took a full year before all the pain finally resolved. It was worth it though. The rehab is extremely painful and the polar care unit was my best friend for many months. As with any ortho surgery, the surgeon can only do so much. The recovery is up to the patient as to how much pain they can stand while enduring physical therapy.

    In my experience, I found ice and naproxen to work better at pain relief than narcotics after the first few weeks. It always seems like it you'll never recover until one day you realize you've been using that arm without noticing a thing. Time and patience. Lots and lots of time and patience. :-)
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    I had this procedure done 4 months ago on Monday. I came out of surgery feeling less "pain" then before I went in! If you've found a good doctor, then I wouldn't hessitate if I were you. You will feel tender, but less so with evey passing week. Make sure you do your rehab. I found it very helpful to do my stretching while in a warm/hot shower. Let the water run over your shoulder as you do, this will help to relax the muscle and you will get a much better range of motion. My doctor told me that I am 4 to 6 weeks AHEAD of a normal recovery, we both believe it is because of my "shower work". Good luck!!
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    Had a rotator cuff repair 5 years ago. Not sure if a Mumford was done or not. Kept in the hospital 2 days. Had a block and also a PCA machine which I didn't need due to the effectiveness of the block (lasted 24 hours) Since I work in a surgery center and we send rotator cuff patients home there might have been a bit more to my surgery than I am aware of. I am currently being scheduled for a Mumford, decompression and roator cuff procedure. The first time I avoided this procedure for as long as possible with PT and everything else I could think of. As an RN I had heard that it was as painful as natural child birth, not something to eagerly sign up for. I was sent home with Percocet which I took that night and the next day. After that I did not need it. I had an ice machine and it was my best friend and I used it constantly for days. I have complete mobility and strength in the arm that was operated on. I was contacted today to schedule my right arm this time as the recent MRI states I have another rotator cuff tear. As a nurse in a recovery room that handles these patients I highly recommend the block it makes a big difference in pain control. They say the first 24 hours is the worse so it should get you over the hump. The ice machine is a God send. I later used it on my father's broken arm which was not set in a timely manner and resulted in massive swelling. It shrank to normal in 2 days. I have no fear of my impending surgery and caution you not to listen to the horror stories of others. I returned to work in the ICU with no problems after the first surgery and vision myself back in the Surgery Center in no time as well. Follow the advice of your knowledgeable physician regarding my recomendations to see if appropriate for you. Good luck. As I tell my patients on the day of surgery, "You will be glad you did this but probably not today"

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