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i was wondering where in oregon i could get a cna. how long do the programs usually take and what does it entail? how much does it cost? any info would be much appreciated. thanks!! :)... Read More

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    I haven't had time to thank you for the information about PCC's CNA program, but here it is now --- thank you! I didn't know of it's existence, since every time I requested information from PCC, they sent me info on Hood CC. I know of the politics, but hear that the new folks are pretty good. Maryville is where I'm going...I'm hoping it won't be too bad...but, if it is, I will do my best to get the most out of it.

    I'm signed up for it this quarter at PCC and I'll let you know how it goes - no matter what I will study super hard. I hope to work as a CNA part-time for a while before becoming a nurse....Also doing quite a bit of volunteer work.

    Hope you are well,
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    Quote from tofutti

    i took the cna program at pcc and it was bad. i learned a lot but it was a miserable experience for the whole class due to psychotic instructors. cannot recommend it. that was a few years ago and i see those instructors are gone now, but the the same director is still there. (this is a different department than the rn program which i hear is much better.)

    i know a couple people who took it through cascade medical school (?) it's out of woodburn but clinicals are in the pdx area. they both said it was good. i've heard good reports about mt. hood community college and clackamas community college for their cna programs, from people who did them.

    as far as taking the class at a nursing home, i would be concerned i wasn't adequately prepared for the state exam. but i could be wrong there!

    marquis care centers do cna training but my cna classmates who went to work for them said to avoid them.

    for a cna employer, i loved willamette view health center. they don't train cna's but cascade medical school has their cna clinicals there.

    i did not care for maryville for my cna clinicals.

    good luck! tofutti

    what did you not like about maryville?

    i just got a job offer from them, and would like to know what your experience was like there.....

    thank u!

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    Are u still at Maryville?
    What was your experience like>

    I'm considering them and Marquis at the moment

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    Quote from FutureRNMichael
    You find the complete list of sites avalible at the State Board of Nursing website here in PDF Form(You need Adobe Acrobat): http://www.oregon.gov/OSBN/pdfs/CNA_CMAprograms.pdf

    Be careful where you pick because nursing homes need people and they will pay for your training/certification/state test so in a way, the ball is in your court..

    I am a CNA currently, have worked in Nursing Homes and Adult & Geriatric Psych. If you have any more questions, i'd be happy to help you.

    Best of luck!

    do you know of any cna programs specifically in portland?

    do you know of any nursing homes that pay you for your training in portland?
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    I took my CNA 3 years ago from cascade medical school in 4 weeks, it was about $1000, they have CNA programs it seems like at just about any community college, if you get hired at certain places sometimes they pay off your CNA class costs. I worked at legacy meridian park for about 3 months and then got into nursing school, hospitals are in my opinion a lot nicer than nursing homes to work in, i got lucky and was working there just weekends, now if you want to work in a hospital oregon you have to have your CNA2.

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