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  1. Hello all,
    I am in need of some advice....Does anyone know anything about Valley Medical College in Salem? It is a private school, which may be a little on the spendy side. They only offer an LPN program, in terms of nursing. I know the credits may not transfer, but why does everyone say they "may"? They either will or will not, correct? Also, I was looking at the OSBN pass rates, and they were pretty high...nothing to be scared of. I just cannot afford to keep paying for school ( I receive no financial aid, including loans, parents, etc.) with my part time job..I am not giving up, by any means. This is my dream, but it seems to be becoming more and more distant as time goes on. I assumed that I could work part time as an LPN while working through my pre reqs for my ADN , while gaining hands-on experience.
    What do you think? Is this just another trade school trap? HELP!
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  3. by   Joyfull77
    I don't know if its another trade school trap, but a lot of the LPN schools in Oregon have courses that don't transfer to a LPN to RN program, unless you do it through Excelsior. I would call around to see which school you want to transfer to after the LPN program to see if they will accept the credits, because every school is different. I called the Lower Columbia Community College in Longview, WA, to see if they accepted credits from the LPN programs in Oregon for their LPN to RN program, and they said, the ONLY school they accept courses from is Mt. Hood Community College.
  4. by   Serendipia
    Thanks for the reply. That seems like an intense commitment..I think I may stick with my current plan of trying to get into a CNA class and doing that before I make such a decision. Thanks for your reply = )
  5. by   Joyfull77
    I just recently got accepted into a CNA program that is completely paid for at Prestige Care. You may want to look into this and see from there if you would want to do LPN first or RN
  6. by   Serendipia
    @joyfull77- Congrats! Where is the CNA program held at? I applied to Marian Estates in Sublimity and Dallas Retirement in Dallas, and am anxiously awaiting a call back = )
  7. by   Joyfull77
    The CNA program is held in NE Portland at a Prestige Care facility
  8. by   cobolman97
    I went to school at Valley Medical for Medical Assisting and my another family member did the LPN. Since then they have doubled the LPN class in price and the MA class is 6000 more. CNA class can be reimbursed by FED Law after finishing training at 1/12th of your fee for 12 months even if you pay for it. Dallas retirement does not have a teacher anymore but are looking for one. I was trained at Chemeketa for the CNA and I am going to Lynn benton for the other certificates as Acute care, Restorative Care and Medication Aid (of course after being a CNA for 6 months). Most place you hire in will pay for these training classes as part of furthering education. Chemeketa offers an LPN class but they only take the top student, this is where the Tech schools come in. Hope this information helps someone.