University of Portland Letters are Comming - page 2

Lol and I swear I can spell coming LOL:) I am just a little excited. Got mine today:)... Read More

  1. by   initials
    Not yet... for the fall 2012? At least I think for fall? I haven't yet... but it looks like we should be soon! AHHH I'm soooo anxious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. by   happiness123
    I'm so anxious too! I read last year that they got them MArch 3rd! that's TOMORROW!
  3. by   initials
    Oh man, my anxiety just went up. Haha! Ok, tell me when you get yours! And I'll do the same and super fingers crossed!
  4. by   happiness123
    Will do! Good luck! No mail yet today though....
  5. by   initials
    I got in!!! You?
  6. by   happiness123
    Oh gosh I'm sorry I forgot to post right when I found out! I was rejected unfortunately...