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Lol and I swear I can spell coming LOL:) I am just a little excited. Got mine today:)... Read More

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    I don't think you can send private messages unless your a paying member. Thanks though, I was just curious what some opinions were about the 2 programs because I have applied to both, and if im lucky I will be faced with deciding between the two.

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    You can send private messages by clicking on a person's name and using the send message option. You don't need to be a paying member, but you do need to have 15 posts before the feature is activated ( I think).

    Personally, I wouldn't put too much stock in one person's opinion of a school, especially on the internet. Trends versus outliers, you know? Talk to recent grads and current students. Linfield is well-regarded in our medical community, as are U of P, and OHSU. I've heard people say negative things about all of them! But lots of positives, too.

    For Linfield, the main negative that comes up seems to be that they focus on community nursing, which seems to be somewhat of a myth. They focus on critical thinking skills, because they are actually much harder to learn than technical skills, which may seem difficult to beginning students - this is according to a current Linfield student.

    Maybe I'm jaded after going to community college for 2 years - I have never heard so many adults complain about, and blame, their teachers for everything! Good luck...
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    Has anyone heard from UP yet for the 2012 admissions cycle?
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    Not yet... for the fall 2012? At least I think for fall? I haven't yet... but it looks like we should be soon! AHHH I'm soooo anxious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm so anxious too! I read last year that they got them MArch 3rd! that's TOMORROW!
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    Oh man, my anxiety just went up. Haha! Ok, tell me when you get yours! And I'll do the same and super fingers crossed!
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    Will do! Good luck! No mail yet today though....
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    I got in!!! You?
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    Oh gosh I'm sorry I forgot to post right when I found out! I was rejected unfortunately...

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