So how's the job market NOW?

  1. Just wondering if things are loosening up yet in Oregon as far as jobs. Feel free to post about your area, but I'm most interested in the central and southern parts of the state (Willamette Valley & west). Hospitals in my area are starting to post more openings each month (desert SW) and I'm hoping that's a sign that other areas have begun to do this as well.

    Hope everyone had a great Easter!
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  3. by   taz5869, RNC-OB
    Worse than ever in Portland and the surrounding areas. I graduated in December 2011 with my BSN and watched the market the entire time I was in school. Unfortunately, Legacy just went through major layoffs at the beginning of the year and the market is flooded with experienced nurses looking for work. I finally got an interview at Willamette Valley Medical Center, but the jobs went to two nurses: one who had their preceptorship there and another who had experience. I have applied for over 50 jobs and WVMC was the first call back I've received since I applied for the Legacy and Salem internships last December.

    I suspect that the majority of my cohort is still looking for work. We're all second degree students and had top grades to get into our ABSN program.

    Jobs may be a little easier to get in Lincoln City and Newport... but I'm not sure. I haven't looked seriously because they're out of my range because I can't move and the distance is prohibitive.
  4. by   busymommy
    Thanks, taz5869. I'm from the Tacoma area and have heard about the difficulties in Portland. I know what you mean about prohibitive distance. Ironically, Lincoln City and Newport are the areas we've been seriously considering. I've been checking the 'careers' section of LC's hospital web page and also looking in the Eugene area. I will have my BSN in December and I'm hoping that will put me at an advantage compared to ADRNs, but now, I'm not so sure. I guess anything can happen in 8 months, though. I wish you the best of luck and thanks for posting!
  5. by   pnlu007
    hey taz,

    thanks for your input in my other threads...i did some research regarding the legacy health layoffs you mentioned...

    it looks like the 400 jobs were from mgt and support...from what i can tell in the article i linked below, no health care providers were laid off...having said that, i kno things are pretty pretty fearfuly, but my graduation wont be until august next year so i have over a year and a half...hopefully things get better long before that for your cohort...

    Legacy Health System Cuts Work Force by 400 | The Lund Report

    i had another question regarding linfield...what are your thoughts on the programs lack of clinical hours compared to other programs? i found on the forum that some people are not as high on the schools community health approach...thanks!
  6. by   pnlu007
    looks like nurse hiring is rising...

    Ohio just had a job fair last month 400 vacancies and 200 new positions...reason cited is increase in patients due to economy, meeting national standards reported by Reuters, retirees, and Affordable Care Act

    Cleveland Clinic plans to hire 600 registered nurses at job fair |

    Chicago...Affordable Care Act...

    Cook County to hire nurses, others to improve service. - Chicago Tribune

    Article on Top 15 hospitals expanding work force...

    15 Top Hospitals That Are Hiring - Nursing Link

    I know portland is still crappy...and these articles are in different areas of the country...i just wanted to post something that can lift all our spirits because better times are on the horizon...
  7. by   taz5869, RNC-OB
    Hmm... that Lund report has to be wrong. Multiple sources within the Legacy system told me that the layoffs were actually 400 FTE positions, not just 400 employees. Most nurses work .9 FTE because they work 12 hour shifts. Apparently, a lot of the layoffs were administrative, but a bunch of nurses got cut, too. I have a friend who is a charge nurse at one of the Legacy hospitals and she informed me that her unit got rid of all part-time positions and also had to cut nurses - they were able to get some voluntary resignations but still had to cut additional nurses, as well. Since this information came first-hand from a charge nurse directly on the unit, I don't doubt it's validity.
  8. by   taz5869, RNC-OB
    I was concerned about what I read in the forum, too, regarding Linfield's lack of clinical hours. I toured the school and asked the student who was giving the tour what her opinion was. She told me that she felt like she got plenty of clinical hours, but I was still disappointed that we didn't get more clinical time while I was in school. However, Linfield just changed their curriculum last fall and have apparently increased their clinical hours, so I don't know what the new curriculum is like.
  9. by   taz5869, RNC-OB
    I definitely would have preferred a stronger focus on med-surg, pharmacology and pathophysiology. I felt that Linfield had too much focus on community healthcare.
  10. by   taz5869, RNC-OB
    The job market will probably be looking up next year... remember, there's a new Kaiser hospital opening on the westside... that's bound to open it up a little bit.
  11. by   taz5869, RNC-OB
    busymommy, there is no doubt that your BSN is an advantage over an ADRN!!!
  12. by   pnlu007
    hey taz,

    do you recall the amount of clinical hours in your program? I am going to follow up with the school. I was actually accepted to another absn program, oddly enough linfield is cheaper and makes more sense. but id like to know the changes...any how as far as the community health think it is a big disadvantage compared to other schools? after all theoretically once yuo start working, youll probably catch up on clinical experience fairly quickly.
  13. by   pnlu007
    Looks like the Kaiser center is opening next august with 126 beds...will create 800 new jobs...typically nurses make up at least 40% or more of a hospital work force...that'll work!
  14. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from taz5869
    Worse than ever in Portland and the surrounding areas.
    *** I am really suprised to hear that. 5-6 years ago I spend some time in the Portland area doing various ICU & ER agency work. I could have worked every single day if I wanted there were so many hospitals short of nurses. Given the volume of calls I continue to get BEGGING me to come and work, and the very high wages being offered ($50-$62/hour), I assumed that was still the case.