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Salem Hospital opened another new grad program that starts in November. Sorry for the late notice...applications are due on Monday, September 23. Anyone applying this round?... Read More

  1. by   Midwife22
    A friend of mine was offered and accepted a spot in L&D.
  2. by   tome
    I interviewed as well with surgical services last week, I heard they will be interviewing at least through this week... But that is the most I have heard. very nervous and anxious, waiting is horrible. Seems like L&D started the process a bit a head of schedule so maybe the rest of the departments are still working on it and we should hear is crossing our fingers!
  3. by   gaby22
    Does anyone have updates? I had an interview last week in the ER and I haven't heard anything back from them for a second interview
  4. by   Midwife22
    It is my understanding that there are no second interviews for this program. The interviews that were scheduled over the past few weeks are the only interviews conducted before jobs offers are made. I was told at my interview that job offers will continue to be made through the week of October 28th. I already know of 2 people hired to L&D and 2 people hired to telemetry.
  5. by   chriso82
    If they offer you a position they will call within a couple weeks of your interview, if they don't offer you a position they will email you. That is what the recruiter told me.
  6. by   gaby22
    I just talked to a recruiter and they informed me that some departments are conducting second interview and others are not. One of them being ED. Has anyone heard of anyone getting a second interview from ED?
  7. by   SamanthaJean89
    I am also waiting to hear back from the ED. If anyone has any updates it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. by   Kuku1981
    Did anyone get offer from Medical or Surgical Services? My interview was on Oct. 2nd and I did not hear anything from them. A friend of mine got phone call form Telemetry Unit.
  9. by   gaby22
    SamanthaJean89 did ED tell you when they were going to do callbacks for second interview? And yes if anyone has updates it would be appreciated!
  10. by   iigreenteaii
    have any of you guys heard back from any of the CCUs?

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