Respiratory Therapy?

  1. Hi! I was just accepted into nursing school recently. My husband was planning to go into nursing also, but hasn't been accepted yet. He is considering changing his major to become a Respiratory Therapist. Can anyone tell me if this is a job that is in demand? Is this something where the responsibilities could potentially be taken over by nurses in the future or will this position always be needed? I know the economy is down now, but I have only seen a few RT jobs recently. I also know that the only school with this program in the Portland Metro area is MHCC. Hopefully that means there aren't as many people seeking these positions. I was just hoping for some insight from nurses that work with RT's or know a little more about this. We know that this is a lower paying position, but we want to make sure it is something stable that wont become obsolete with time. Thanks in advance for any help!!!
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  3. by   suanna
    It may be regional, but at my hospital they never have enough RTs. There is constant OT. Admittedly, the RTs are not treated as well as the nursing staff from what they have told me, but I do not have thier job, and they do not have mine so it is difficult to judge objectively. At this point in my career (25+ years in nursing) I wish I had gone into RT instead of BSN. Almost the same pay scale, same shifts, and if a aggitated, confused, combative patient is taking swings at thier care giver- it is not the problem of the RT. "Pt refused"... and they go on to thier next patient. Boy does that sound great right now.
  4. by   NurseToBe3
    Thanks so much for responding! I can definitely see the benefits of the RT when you put it that way! :-P Do you mind me asking what area you live? Our "plan" way down the road was to do traveling nursing once the kids moved. I wonder if that is something we could still do with him as a RT...