PCC nursing program VS MHCC nursing program

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    I haven't heard much activity from current MHCC nursing students on allnurses. I was wondering how do you like the program? Do you have the same number of students in your cohort you started with? Do you feel supported by the instructors? Knowing what you know now would MHCC still be your first choice?

    I have read some comments regarding PCC's program, and I am left wondering do all PCC nursing students feel the same strain? The middle of May is when many of us will be hearing (hopefully) if we were accepted into a community college program. I would really like some input from current students. I have heard rave reviews regarding CCC and Clark but not so much from MHCC or PCC.

    Any takers?? If your not feeling comfortable posting this information on a public forum I understand, maybe there is another way we could talk?? Thank you for you time!
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  3. by   NurseToBe3
    I am a Mt. Hood student and it definitely has it's pros and cons. Many of the instructors are great, however there are some that are not. We usually have multiple instructors teaching our core class and they are not always on the same page. They are quite disorganized, which makes it tough to learn. I don't feel like we get nearly enough practice time or instruction in lab (but there is some open lab time and this may be a problem for other schools as well). The program is very self directed and you will need to be prepared to learn a lot on your own. Most of the lectures are helpful, but you will need to go much more in depth on your own time (again somewhat expected and probably the same as other schools). I know nursing school it tough no matter where you go, but sometimes they are a little unrealistic in what they expect.

    I didn't mean for this to be all negative... I am fairly happy with the program (I'm learning a ton, there's lots of hands on experience, it's close, affordable, etc), but I wish it were more organized. I feel like I could learn much more if it were set up better and some teachers were more supportive. I'm sure any school will have many positives as well as negatives and you will need to decide what is best for you. Good luck in your decision!

    p.s. I'm not a grouchy student because I'm failing classes or anything. I have kept straight A's through the whole program.
  4. by   niskagirl
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful response! I really appreciate it. I don't think your a grouchy student at all. I think many students are used to being organized due to the pressure of getting top grades in their pre reqs, and basically being their own nursing school advisor . I graduated from the practical nursing program through MHCC. I learned so much and loved the program, but like you said sometimes the organization, unrealistic expectations, and minimal skill practice was difficult for me. I just was wondering if the RN program was similar. Unfortunately, I have heard the lack of organization from friends in other programs as well...frustrating but seems like it's the nature of the beast. Again I really appreciate your feedback and wish you super success!
  5. by   aknurse88
    Hey NurseToBe3:

    I am trying to do a little digging on MHCC's nursing program (and PCC) and so far it's been hard to find solid feedback or opinion from past/current students there. Maybe you can answer a few burning questions for me.

    I've heard that a lot of MHCC's nursing program is taught online. Is that true? And if so, do you feel it directly corresponds with what you are taught and tested on in class? I am also curious about MHCC instructors' attitude towards the OCNE curriculum. Do they make it obvious to the students that they are unwilling to make the shift to the new OCNE standard? Finally, I can only imagine as a students of nursing, you often need the strength and support from others you share the experience with to get through the stress of the program. Do you feel you get that support from your instructors? If not, what do you do to keep yourself sane?!

    I am grateful for any feeback from you or other current students at MHCC and PCC.
  6. by   Alexcia9
    Hi everyone, I have a group interview this month with MHCC's RN program!.... any suggestions? does anyone know what types of questions they ask? I have tons of experience in the health field; CNA, Caregiver, Medication Aide, Personal Care aid, and currently volunteer at Providence Hospital. I appreciate anyone who writes back.. I am just really nervous and would like some time before hand to gather my thoughts.
    Thank you
  7. by   Noxfox
    I've been told that most of the good instructors in PCC's nursing program are retiring within the next few years.