Oregon 2008: How I Earn My Acceptance Letter - page 2

while it is still relatively fresh in my head, i wanted to pass on some of what i learned from the admissions process and taking my prerequisite classes. i hope other applicants who earned a spot... Read More

  1. by   CuriousMe
    Quote from JustJane2008
    Oh, okay. So you have a main campus, and then a ranked choice of the other campuses as alternates? Sounds kinda like voting in San Francisco...ranked choices. Too bad I can't apply to every single campus...although that would be quite expensive.

    Kind of. On the first page of the app, you declare what campus you're applying for. On the very last page, you can rank, in order of preference, where else you would like to be considered for. I think the application makes it pretty clear that it would be an afterthought.

    I think the reason they do it this way is so we don't apply to each campus. The only positive is that it's one application fee.

  2. by   sarabear44
    I will be attending:
    OHSU-Portland--ABSN, starting June 2010

    My Prerequisite GPA is:
    not sure. I had all A's, and a B+ in Psychology 101 and A&P II.

    My Thoughts on Prerequisite Courses:
    The deadline to OHSU was January 15, so at that time I had still not taken A&P II, A&P III, human development. But then they asked for my winter grades and by then I only needed to finish third term of A&P.

    I applied to:
    OHSU ABSN-accepted
    Johns Hopkins ABSN-accepted
    Duke ABSN-accepted
    Case Western MN-DNP-accepted
    University of Michigan ABSN-accepted
    UNC-Chapel Hill ABSN-rejected
    Georgetown ABSN-declined interview

    My Thoughts on the Application Process:
    I was annoyed that every school has different pre-reqs and only slightly different essays. Applying, getting recommendations, and collecting transcripts was a headache. But... you gotta do it! Like everyone said, be organized.

    I got my friend who is an English teacher to read my essays. She gave me awesome feedback. I also went to the university writing center. I would write the essay quick & sloppy and work on it 30 minutes each day for at least a week. I think that really helped me concisely say what I wanted to. DON'T break the word limit!

    I also sent my stuff all in one envelope (except for online apps) and ALL at the same time. I felt like that showed them that I "have it together."

    I did not travel to interviews in Baltimore or North Carolina and still got in...

    I also wanted to say that I want to get my MSN or DNP and also become a nurse educator. I also want to do research. That is why I think that OHSU might have felt I was a good "fit" for their program because they are a research hospital and provide advanced training. So I recommend you really get to know the school and see which is the best fit for you.

    I don't recommend just blindly applying to all the schools in Portland. Take a tour and meet admissions officers and professors at each place. Talk to students who went there. Find out which program fits your goals!!

    Words of Encouragement to Future Applicants:

    I suggest to apply to some schools out of state. You can win scholarships or get an out-of-state tuition waiver. I really can't fathom waiting multiple years to get into nursing school. So good luck everyone! Do something that makes you stand out from others.