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Hi. I'm thinking of applying to OHSU and/or Linfield. I've seen all the threads about how these colleges make their decisions etc etc but what I really want is information, from students or former students, about the pro's... Read More

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    Hey Sarabear44
    Thanks so much for all your great information...So I think I've come up with a great plan! I'm doing to drive to close park & ride at neighborhood church which is really close to a bus stop...take a 12-15 min bus to The Center for Health & Healing on Macadam, then work out for 45 min...and take the Tram up to campus for class on the days we are "on campus". I was thinking about biking but Hwy 43 isn't really safe...so I think this will be a really great way to exercise in the morning with a bit of walking & working out and then also having a shorter "bus commute" and ending up right back close to where I live in the afternoons. What time did classes usually end? I'm guessing 4 pm at the latest.

    Any tips on the aerial tram? I'm guessing there must be a "morning wait" during the early hours. I'd like to end up at the SON 20-30 minutes before class begins so I can prepare, get settled, etc.

    Have you been to March Wellness? I need to go check it all out and figure out "the walk" from the tram to the School of Nursing...which is the best path, etc. Any thoughts on that?

    Thank you so much!!

    So the ADP building parking is spendy huh? Did you ever park there? I guess Trimet does do a stop close to that location as well...arriving early, at 7:15 ish. Once rush hour starts its a bit more challenging. What times did your days start when you were at the ADP buildling? Our orientation isn't until a couple weeks before classes.

    Thanks for enlightening us all to the ins and outs of the program. You're the best!!

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    Haha, that seems like quite the task! I guess I'll just have to live close to school to avoid the hassle!
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    JD-- You might be overthinking it a little bit but you will try your plan and then adjust as necessary. It's important to be flexible in nursing AND nursing school!!! While it's good to set routines, remember to also allow time to stay late or come early to hang out with new friends or work on projects, etc...

    Aerial tram runs q5minutes and I've never been in such a long line that I have to wait for the next one. They squish in up to 78 folks at a time and FYI, it's not climate controlled :-) They let you take bikes up in it which is what I do...

    You'll see how to walk from the tram to the SON during your orientation tour! Don't worry--it is very simple.

    Hwy 43 is unsafe in some parts, but if you can get up to Barbur, that is much safer. But if you take bus 35 to CHH, that works great. Working out in the morning is a great way to take care of yourself while in this rigorous program :-)

    ADP costs $11/day to park. I don't remember, but I think we started at 7 or maybe 8 on the days in summer when we were there. But, it's funny, I've totally forgotten! Some days you only need to be there for 4 hours in which case it only costs $7 to park. I have never parked there, I always ride my bike there. Bus #43 goes there, too.

    Glad I can answer your questions and ease some of your anxieties. Remember to enjoy each day and take it one day at a time. If you try to overplan now, it can be very stressful. Are you in the summer cohort of Acc-Bacc's or the fall cohort?? I hear the nickname for the fall cohort is "The FABS" :-)
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    I'm in the Fall cohort Sarabear...You're right about being flexible and my teenagers are going to have to learn that too. Everything you shared makes me think it should all work out great. I was offered a spot at PCC Sylvannia and have been used to the easy commute there so I needed to get handle on my everyday commute/lifestyle going up to OHSU. I'm going to officially decline PCC this week and send in my deposit for OHSU.

    Thanks for all the great info. I appreciate it
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    Hi Sara, do you have any information about alternates to OHSU? Please give me any, I really appreciate it. Thank you
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    Several people in my class of 63 were alternates. Sometimes people back out at the very last minute. One girl was notified 1 day before classes started that she was accepted and immediately moved to Portland. She even missed the orientation..... So, don't give up hope if you're an alternate. I suppose they have a ranked list of alternates, but I don't know if they will tell you what number you are. You can always call/e-mail and ask and make sure to let them know why you need to know (i.e. having to put a deposit at another school...)

    At this point, the ABSN summer cohort is filled, though. Are you an alternate for the fall ABSN cohort??

    That's all I know. Hope things work out for you!!
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    Thank you Sara! I really want to know how many alternates they have this year and what number I am on the list. I am an alternate of normal nursing program this year, not an accelerated one. I tried to write OHSU an email to ask about this, but they seemed not want to give me any information I needed. Thus I thought I could get some information from students in the program. Btw, thank you very much.
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