1. Anyone apply to OHSU for their RNBSN program with a fall start????? I did, and I am getting a little anxious. Anyone out there been through the program? How is it?
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  3. by   EyeSeeYuRN
    Are you already ADN, or starting from the beginning? I just graduated with ADN and took NCLEX, and doing BSN starting fall 2011
  4. by   KellT1203
    I am already an RN with my ADN. I will start at OHSU on September 26. Congrats on passing your NCLEX. What a great accomplishment. Where did you go to school at? I take it you area starting on the 26th too? At OHSU?
  5. by   EyeSeeYuRN
    I went to school at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR. Yes, I'll be starting on 26th at OHSU, but the online program is the one I'm doing.
  6. by   KellT1203
    Me too. I am so excited to finally connect with someone else in the program. We should get together for coffee or something. Maybe even carpool in for orientation.

    Where do you live? Are you currently working anywhere? The job market is so tough right now. That is one of the reasons why I chose to go back so soon after graduation. I thought I would be working full time in a hospital by now. I didn't expect to return to school so quickly but am glad I am moving forward too.
  7. by   EyeSeeYuRN
    email me and we can discuss details, racheles214@gmail.com!
  8. by   KellT1203
    I sent you an email a while ago. Hopefully it didn't go to your junk mail. It is from Kellyf81508@gmail.com
  9. by   Cassalyn
    I am looking into the RN to BSN program also, how do you like it so far? Do you mind telling me your GPA, I am not sure how competitive the RN to BSN program is.. Any information you have would be appreciated, Thanks!