OHSU OCNE applicants

  1. I applied to the standard OCNE program at OHSU this year. My friend found out she got into the ABSN program a month earlier than their website states. I emailed them and they said letters for the OCNE program will go out late April, early May. Anyone else waiting on pins and needles like me? I am only applying to the Portland campus. We are leaving for vacation May 3 so I really hope my letter comes by this Saturday!
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  3. by   deasiac
    I just got an email saying they were scheduled to be mailed next week.
  4. by   studentmom2007
    deasiac, was this an automated email or a response to one you sent them? I did not get an email from them today.

    I am wondering if anyone has seen a decision notice in their online application summary? I know it says "decision data not final until applicant receives a letter..." I know the ABSN students were notified over a month ago.

    I'm leaving town on Sunday for 2 months, so I guess I'll be calling my neighbor who is checking my mail to let me know when something from OHSU arrives!
  5. by   deasiac
    I sent an email to ask if the application status was going to be updated to reflect a decision.
  6. by   LiveYourDreams
    I actually called OHSU the other day and the lady on the phone also told me end of April, beginning of May. For those interested in the other OCNE schools in the area. Mt. Hood said they were sending out their letters next week. Clackamas said they would mail put a points letter the first or second week of May. This letter will simply give you your amount of points, and give you a week to dispute them. They will send out decision letters on May 20, and interviews will be the 27th-29th.

    The waiting is really getting to me. Don't worry all, we are close to knowing.
  7. by   deasiac
    First the waiting was scary now that it is time to find out I am even more scared.
  8. by   deasiac
    I am not getting anything in the mail. My sister in law has gotten her MHCC interview invitation and her acceptance to the OHSU OCNE. I just want something in the mail!
  9. by   LC5289
    I just wanted to let everyone know I got a letter from OHSU OCNE this afternoon, accepting me into the BSN program at SOU. You all should be getting your letters soon!!! Good luck!
  10. by   doulalove
    Hi all,

    I got my MHCC interview invitation and the OHSU OCNE acceptance letter last week! Good luck to all! I'm excited!
  11. by   JustJane2008
    Hi all,

    Anyone else on the waitlist like me? Anyone accepted off of the waitlist? I've been waiting forever, and calling them---but no info. Just wondering if its hopeless by now.
  12. by   outdoorsy
    Hey JustJane -

    It's not hopeless until classes begin. I've heard of people getting called at the very last minute.

    Good luck!!

  13. by   JustJane2008
    So I got some stats, if anyone is interested: about 430 people applied, about 30 accepted. Average prereq GPA 3.75-3.8