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Hello! Anyone going to be joining me in Monmouth this Fall for OHSU?? I haven't heard of anyone planning on going there except myself and I was trying to see if anyone was out there, but just... Read More

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    I'll see you Sept 20th! Yeah, I was surprized when the pre-nursing counselor at OSU said they thought no one got in, and that they were surprized to hear I had. I work at Good Samaritan in Corvallis (ICU) and there's one other CNA here that's going too. We're looking forward to getting started. There sure are a lot of hoops though...sheesh!
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    Hi I see that this is a little old, but I just got in to OHSU - Monmouth and I was curious what anyone that about the program! Thanks for any comments.
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    First, congrats! Second be prepared to make a calendar for yourself to track everything that goes on, and keep in mind that things will change on you, sometimes last minute. This is purposeful and frustrating. Keep in touch with your classmates and instructors. This is a very good school, but also one that expects students to behave as adults and be responsible for themselves. I'm happy to answer questions at almost any time, so if you're interested in more detail contact me at perryjoe@ohsu.edu
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    Woohoo I finally figured out how to post. I will be attending ohsu Monmouth in fall. Lots of hoops!! Email katrina_becker@live.com .......haven't met anyone yet it's very exciting

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