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  1. Hi,

    I'll be applying OHSU's Accelerated BSN Program this fall. I'm from Hawai'i and don't know much about the school or program (aside from its stellar ranking). Can anyone share what they've heard about the admissions process and the program itself? Acceptance rate? Average GPA of applicants? Impression of the school and faculty? I'd appreciate any and all feedback!
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  3. by   ShelbyP
    Here are the stats for OHSU's accelerated program from 2009, from the OHSU website:

    Approximately 490 applications
    Admitted a cohort of approximately 48 students
    Average GPA of accepted students: 3.71
    25% of admitted students had a previous graduate degree

    Hope that helps. I applied to start this summer. The application was due January 15. As you will see on here from last year's posts, OHSU is one of the later schools to give admission notification.
    Good luck!
  4. by   zazzialex
    Hi ShelbyP,
    I just found out that i am on the alternate list for OHSU's accelerated BSN program for summer 2010. Have you heard anything about the chances of getting in if you are placed on the alternate list?
  5. by   ShelbyP
    Hi, Zazzialex-
    Congrats! I think you should feel happy about the wait-list; it's obviously a competitive and impacted program. After I saw your message, I went down to the mailbox and I, too, received the letter explaining I'm on the wait-list.
    It's probably very difficult to say if you will get accepted in off the wait-list since OHSU does not openly assign a ranking. I did get accepted to another ABSN program to start this summer off a wait-list, however I knew when I got my space that I was #4, so that the chances were good.
    I would send in your letter and call and ask if they can give you an indication to your chances. Best of luck to you!
  6. by   zazzialex
    Hi shelbyp!
    Congrats on your letter! Thank you for your response. It's true that OHSU is pretty tough to get into.
    I wonder if they use a point system in their admissions process.
    At the time of my application, I had not yet begun
    APII or Micro. I'm taking them now but
    because my school is a semester system, I won't
    be able to send my updated transcript
    until May. Perhaps OHSu gives students zeros for not having those grades.
    Had you completed all the prereqs at the time of your application?
    I did get into a Accelerated BSN program in Boston.
    I applied to 2 programs, which I guess was pretty risky.
    I'm crossing fingers for the both of us with OHSU.
  7. by   sunshinelov3r
    Did you guys ever find out if you get in and off the waiting list? Does OHSU requires letters of recommendation for the accelerated program. I look on the website but could not find any info. I'm planning to apply for next summer. Thanks.