New LPN program in Oregon

  1. 0 I was wondering if anyone has heard of or is currently enrolled in the new LPN program at Sumner College (formally College of Legal Arts) in Portland, OR. Is it a good program? Worth your time?
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    from what I hear it's just like pioneer pacific <------ ( pretty darn close to loosing their accreditation from the state due to low scores). not sure what the entrance requirments are but they are owned by the same company. If your looking to get your LPN go to Concorde its the best program in the area. I am currently a student there.
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    Thanks for you response! I had looked into going there but was hesitant that it was so new and that it costs 27,000 for only a year!!!! How much is Concorde?
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    i think its about 24,000 most of the private lpn schools are about the same. but i think that if you dont want to wait for years on a waiting list and want to get started in nursing its a good route to take. most if not all the people in my class are going to bridge to rn after the program.
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    Shawn, I have a family member who is getting ready to start at concorde. Can you give me any words of advice for her? Whats the work load like? Good parts?Bad parts? Thanks so much
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    oh cool when are they starting?
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    the lpn program is the best in the area the work load isn't anything crazy but can be if your also working full time. i would suggest a study group it has helped many in my class. The majority of teachers are great they all have their quirks and difference and they probably wont like them all but you really only get of out it what you put in. its very fast pace they don't do in depth A&P like you would get in a college setting but they give you the knowledge you need to succeed as a LPN. 90% of us are going on to get our RN or BSN and are using our lpn as a stepping stone. if your relative isn't good at math i would suggest brushing up on conversions and fractions as those seemed to be where most people struggled. they have a very strict attendance policy so plan on showing up everyday. any thing else you wanna know?
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    she starts tomarrow. HOw many hours would you say you study a week? Are the tests difficult? Do they seem organized as a school? Thanks for all your info
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    i take it shes not going for her lpn as the next class doesnt start untill may or june. What program is she doin?
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