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MHCC Orientation

  1. 0 I know this is a silly question, but do we need to dress super nice for this? I will be getting home from camping a few hours before and I was hoping for jeans and a nice shirt. I knew we needed to dress professional for the interview, but now that we are in is it a little more casual? What's everyone else wearing? Thanks! :-)
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    Think you're fine going casual I'm gonna be wearing scrubs because I'll be leaving work early to make it to the orientation...
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    I'm planning on jeans a nice top (not dressy-just nice as in clean, good fitting) haha
    See ya Wednesday!

    (I just got my call from ------- and I'm in officially for the FALL! )
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    Thanks! And congrats! See you tonight!
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    Wow, I'm actually glad I'm in Winter start with all that stuff we have to do prior to starting
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    What are they making you guys do??
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    I'm a little worried too! Especially about everything that has to be done in August! How official do you think our immunization records need to be? I'm wondering if a print out will do the job or if it needs to be from the doctor on their letterhead... Any thoughts?
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    I'm thinking they're prolly gonna require an official letterhead.
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    May I double check with you guys a silly question? We will have a skill check day at... Bruning Center? And what we should wear? a uniform? Thank you very much!
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    It is at the Bruning center and I don't believe we have to wear uniforms since they are selling them @ our skills test.
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    Yup! They said street clothes are fine. We don't need scrubs till our first day of lab :-)
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    I will get my TB skin test result read right on July 1, 2011. Is it ok to meet the requirement?
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    I almost did mine too since it would be read after the first. I got a couple other immunizations that day and they said I had to wait 4-6 weeks before doing my TB test. Now I plan to get it done the end of July...