MHCC Orientation

  1. I know this is a silly question, but do we need to dress super nice for this? I will be getting home from camping a few hours before and I was hoping for jeans and a nice shirt. I knew we needed to dress professional for the interview, but now that we are in is it a little more casual? What's everyone else wearing? Thanks! :-)
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  3. by   pdxMHT
    Think you're fine going casual I'm gonna be wearing scrubs because I'll be leaving work early to make it to the orientation...
  4. by   Ginnym1981
    I'm planning on jeans a nice top (not dressy-just nice as in clean, good fitting) haha
    See ya Wednesday!

    (I just got my call from ------- and I'm in officially for the FALL! )
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  5. by   NurseToBe3
    Thanks! And congrats! See you tonight!
  6. by   pdxMHT
    Wow, I'm actually glad I'm in Winter start with all that stuff we have to do prior to starting
  7. by   saribeari
    What are they making you guys do??
  8. by   NurseToBe3
    I'm a little worried too! Especially about everything that has to be done in August! How official do you think our immunization records need to be? I'm wondering if a print out will do the job or if it needs to be from the doctor on their letterhead... Any thoughts?
  9. by   pdxMHT
    I'm thinking they're prolly gonna require an official letterhead.
  10. by   Jessicabiel
    May I double check with you guys a silly question? We will have a skill check day at... Bruning Center? And what we should wear? a uniform? Thank you very much!
  11. by   pdxMHT
    It is at the Bruning center and I don't believe we have to wear uniforms since they are selling them @ our skills test.
  12. by   NurseToBe3
    Yup! They said street clothes are fine. We don't need scrubs till our first day of lab :-)
  13. by   Jessicabiel
    I will get my TB skin test result read right on July 1, 2011. Is it ok to meet the requirement?
  14. by   NurseToBe3
    I almost did mine too since it would be read after the first. I got a couple other immunizations that day and they said I had to wait 4-6 weeks before doing my TB test. Now I plan to get it done the end of July...