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Hi all, I'm a little confused over financial aid when going for a second bachelor's degree. I want to attend Linfield's accelerated nursing program that starts this summer but I need to find a... Read More

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    Hi, I'm looking into Linfield and was just curious what the total cost of tuition will be and how the long the program is to get an ABSN.

    Is Linfield and OHSU the only ABSN programs in Oregon? Any BSN programs where it would be easy to transfer and complete my degree in 2 years?


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    The cost is about $50K give or take some depending upon where you want to live (on or off campus). The ABSN program at Linfield is 18mths. The only accelerated programs I personally know of in Oregon are Linfield and OHSU. OHSU's program is about the same cost and is a few months shorter but much more intense.
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    Has anyone applied for the MedCAP loan at Wells Fargo? They said I qualified for a 6% rate which sounds pretty good nowadays but I was hoping that with my credit score at 741 I could get even lower. Does anyone know if I should push it or look somewhere else?
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    Monkey Duty, I know that you posted a long time ago, but the federal student loan rates that I've seen are a little over 6%, so if Wells Fargo offered you a private loan at 6% that sounds like an amazing offer. Then again, shopping around almost always pays.

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