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Hi: I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about (IUON) the international university of nursing in St. Kitts? It sounds interesting but expensive. I have not heard of any clinical's in Oregon or California, does... Read More

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    i did one year at IuON and transferred for eight months in Puerto Rico. I passed the nclex on my first try.

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    Another for profit nursing school do not throw your money away
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    I was just informed about IUON by my counselor and I am very interested in entering the BSN program in September 2012. I can see that many people on here have less than pleasant things to say about their experiences, but I know that they have made dramatic improvements to the program in the past couple years, so I was wondering if there were any recent graduates who could give me more information on the school or even share their experience with me? Thank you!
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    which school in puerto rico?
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    i to am thinking about going tp iuon in september, we should talk.
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    i want to attend but i am worried about the coat of tuition and housing,
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    i have recently looked into interamerican college in puerto rico. Im finding thats its alot more cost friendly(3000 sem) and the program is in english too and approved by NLNAC.

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