Is Anyone Out there an Evergreen Grad.? Need advice!

  1. I'm looking to enter OHSU for their accelerated BSN program in the near future. I graduated from the Evergreen State College (no grades, narrative evals.) in '94. I wonder if anyone has any knowledge of what OHSU's process is with Evergreen Grad's. I'm taking the prerequisites at community college and expect to have a 4.0. I've heard that a lot of Ivy League schools really like Evergreen Grad.'s but have no idea what OHSU makes of them. Anyone out there who can offer up some good information?
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  3. by   Raerae_pdx
    I'm an Evergreen grad! I applied to four schools this year and got into three. I did not get into OHSU but I did get into Linfield and U of P. Don't be scared about your transcripts, they know what to do with them. However, some of my credits did not transfer. It's not a bad idea to get a transcript evaluation if you're really worried about them.
  4. by   oaktown2
    Hey - not sure if you are still in the application process. I am also an Evergreen grad. I had pretty good success with getting into programs (though didn't apply to OHSU, but I would imagine that they are familiar with it). However, I did have one school not transfer any of my credits because I didn't have grades. That was just their rule. Other schools were fine with it. But I also would go for a transcript evaluation so there are no surprises.
  5. by   Cinquefoil
    There are 3 Evergreen grads in my 64 person class @ OHSU alone. Hopefully you're already there or somewhere else wonderful, but if you aren't, don't give up hope. I kind of think the written transcripts are a factor in our favor, because it = many letters of recommendation that the admissions folks can't NOT read.