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Hi everyone, So the deadline to dispute your points was this last Friday at 5:00 pm. I am hoping they send the interview letters out ASAP (like tomorrow) considering we have to schedule them... Read More

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    Thank you! I think I'll just stick with my home desktop.

    I'm curious which drug guide you chose (e.g. Davis, Lippincott's, etc.) as well as which PDA your using (e.g. Palm, Iphone, Blackberry, etc.). Also, if you had it do it all again, would you have still chosen the PDA you did or do you wish you would have chosen a different one now?

    Thank you again for your comments. They were extremely helpful.

    Are you off to OHSU next year?

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    hello, i am a ccc 2nd year, graduating in a week.

    first:congratulations to all that got in!

    second: i love my laptop and would say if i were faced with having to buy a new computer i would get a laptop, for its convenience. i would not suggest buying one just for nursing school if you already have a desktop that's working just fine.

    third: i also have a pda, have had it since the beginning and have found it to be priceless...for me. not all are comfortable with the idea, but if you are tech friendly you will most likely love it. having a fully searchable drug guide and taber's in your pocket at all times is very handy. you can look up anything very quickly, bedside, in class, while charting (spelling)...whatever. keeping all your due dates, class times, clinical times straight can be a challenge, using ms outlook works well for me. it synchs to the pda and you will have your entire schedule and due dates, test dates...and so on in your pocket as well. i love mine and have used it much and will continue to use it in practice.

    biggest tip for nursing school:

    do not get behind!!
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    We use Davis at CCC. If I had it to do over again I would have still gotten my PDA just gotten it sooner. I love my PDA and it works well for me it's easy to use and I am not a "techy" type of person. You just have to decide which brand or type works best for you. I second Outdoorsy's post that my biggest suggestion is do not get behind as well. You do and you will sink and fast. You dont and you will succeed. And outdoorsy-congrats on graduating-that is a super big accomplishment.

    I am waiting on the OHSU thing!
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    Thanks for the replies from current students - any and all tips are helpful! I have a laptop and it's been a lifesaver for me in finishing up pre-reqs. I have a family and there isn't really a quiet place to study at home, so I can take my laptop anywhere with wifi and go through A&P and Micro to my heart's content. I have been condidering getting a PDA as well.

    For those who just got in, I'm not hard to find, either. I'm short, blonde, and 40. My name's Kathy, and I can't wait!
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    Thanks to the nursing students for all the advice very much appreciated! I am super excited to get started but was wondering if someone could throw out the types of PDA's and maybe a good place to look for one, I am not educated on PDAS at all but really want to invest in one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh and I will be the one at the orientation with blond hair probably in a pony tail and I look alot younger then I am hahaha usually mistaken for 19 however I am way older then that : )
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    thanks cccrn2b - it was a looooong road, but well worth it.

    pda - i have a palm t/x and love it, rechargeable, wifi, easy to use, big screen, and it synchs to the computer easily. i bought a 2 gb sd card to expand the memory and that was plenty with room to spare. i use skyscape nursing constellation plus and have davis's drug guide, rnotes, davis's laboratory and diagnostic tests, diseases and disorders, and taber's. i love this combination, not cheap but works really well. i like how they are all together and linked. it is so fast when looking stuff up and there are hyperlinks from one thing to another, they really are awesome. i bought my pda at circuit city and an aluminum case that is lined with foam from an online accessory store. the case keeps the screen from being scratched and softens the blow when you drop it or it slides out of your scrub pant cargo pocket while you are diligently charting. mine has worked flawlessly for two years now. it also synchs to outlook, copying your entire schedule and all your contacts, if you use outlook. and much more.

    any more questions...feel free.
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    I just got a call from Clackamas today accepting me into school from the waiting list. Hope to see you all soon!!
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    So glad to hear a waiting list person got in! That's exciting! Congrats!

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