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  1. Hello!

    I really hope that asking you these questions (in this forum and the International) will be o.k, but I'm trying everywhere and probably you will know to answer better because you live
    I'm an Israeli nurse working currently in Israel (and planning to move to Oregon, I have passed the IELTs already)
    I'm working at a child health clinic, which combines a maternity nurse type of work too..more specifically:
    we provide immunizations, health information ( about breast feeding, everything that concerns the different aspects of child developement, nutrition), as well as assessments of infant growth and develomement ( For Israeli nurses who might be reading this, in one word- it's"Tipat Halav")
    So my main concern is that there is no such facility in Oregon and this type of work is something that only physicians do?
    I know that nurses practice this type of work in Australia and New Zealand and maybe a few countries in Europe but I'm not sure about U.S
    And if it does exist, maybe the turover of nursing staff is slow, do I have a chance to have this job at all..?
    I'm allergic to latex (so hospitals are not an option for me )

    Another thing is that I'm just about to begin a course which is supposed to prepare me to write the IBCLE exam. Which is a huge dilemma for me now, because if there is no chance to work as a maternity/child health public nurse in Oregon maybe I shouldn't take the exam at all..
    I will be very very gratetful if you could answer my questions and give me some advice
    Thank you
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  3. by   Charmander
    just so you don't limit your options.... most hospitals are latex free... or have lots of non latex options for you