Chemeketa Nursing Program 2012 - page 5

Is anyone applying to Chemeketa's nursing program for 2012? Does anyone have any tips who did well on the essay last year??... Read More

  1. by   waters8580
    I m still waiting to hear about alternates.
  2. by   waters8580
    Quote from jax04
    If theres other alternates in this discussion, maybe we could let each other know when/if we hear something?
    Hi I think we had stats together during spring term? Have you heard anything from chemeketa or anything about when they are contacting alternates?
  3. by   waters8580
    Hey does anyone know when alternates may be contacted?
  4. by   ssm25
    Have any alternates heard anything yet?
  5. by   waters8580
    I talked to someone yesterday at chemeketa and letters will be sent next week by email for updates on alternates.
  6. by   lastchance56
    For the alternates: I just sent an email releasing my spot for Fall 2012. I was accepted at OHSU and although it will require a move and costs more, I decided to do the 3 years at the same school. So one of you lucky alternates will be getting my spot. Hope it all works out for you---and me! Cheers
  7. by   Sartorius1
    Congrats lastchance!!
  8. by   waters8580
    Congrats , lastchance! I was offered a spot at chemeketa and I accepted. I was alternate #9 and I made it in. Now I'm working on the list of things to get done before school starts. Good luck.