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Is anyone applying to Chemeketa's nursing program for 2012? Does anyone have any tips who did well on the essay last year??... Read More

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    The suspense is killing me. I hope the letters come soon.
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    I remember hearing, at some point during the application process, that Chemeketa would be sending our "letters" by email only. Did anyone else hear this?
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    OMG I am going crazy too! Checking my mailbox is the highlight of my day.
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    Mns I didn't hear anything about letters being emailed. From everything I've heard, the letters are snail mailed.
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    Last year they mailed them. I think it is a little important to just email--they still mail out and email financial aid stuff as well. Good luck everyone!
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    They just emailed them!! I got in!!! Yay!!!
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    Congrats! I got in as well!
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    I was surprised to get a 50. Reason: I'd worked so very hard on all the other essays for colleges. I'd already done an essay for OHSU twice. They all seemed to ask about the same thing: why do you want to be a nurse, why do you think you are qualified/or what qualities do you have that will make you a good nurse, etc. So have to admit, instead of worrying, prepping etc, I used previous essays and winnowed down to what CCC wanted, got a good night's sleep and then followed the instructions exactly. Funny, one girl got done in like 8-10 mins in my cohort. I was about middle out. Don't know why I got 50 but thinking it was due to practice on all the other ones.
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    responding to query on points: I got the full 360-the other 5 being for alternates from the year before. Worked my rear off working full time and getting A's in all my pre reqs so happy to see that. Some of my classmates retook classes to up their points because they didn't get As in necessary classes.
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    I got in too. Received my offer via email with a ton of attachments of things needing to be done by time classes begin. What a stressful wait it was! i'm taking the CPR class they are offering in July to update my card. Did you all know about that? Only $30 and for maybe 4hrs. Much shorter and cheaper than ARC. Contact ------------- to sign up.
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    i received alternate position #3. i'm wondering if anyoneknows how many alternated ccc tends to take.? i'm hopeful yet not wanting to beexcited incase i don't make it. anyone else get an alternate position?
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    I'm alternate #9. I heard that even alternate #11 got in last year. I'm staying hopeful until the very last minute and I'm going to get all of my shots
    And CPR completed just in case.
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    i have the full 360. i was accepted and just sent in my intent to enroll. but, i'm also accepted at ohsu and have already paid the $200 deposit. but, you just never know. i'll follow thru on necessary stuff for both schools in case one falls thru. wouldn't that be a bummer. so an alternate may get my CCC spot.