Chemeketa Nursing Program 2012 - page 3

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Is anyone applying to Chemeketa's nursing program for 2012? Does anyone have any tips who did well on the essay last year??... Read More

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    I have been checking everyday as well! I heard they could be here at earliest this week but possibly the week after!
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    The waiting is so very hard. So many hopes and dreams hinging on those letters. Have mercy on our souls and please send those letters!
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    Hey guys, just wondering if everyone is as antsy as I am to find out whether they got in or not. I got a 355, I'm so upset with myself. Lost the five points in the essay. I wish you all the best of luck!
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    Hey where have you heard you information, just a little curious, I had seen on the the mychemeketa site that it may be at the end of June. I may be wrong though.
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    Someone I know called the school to ask. It will be at earliest this week but could be next week!!! Good luck to everyone!!
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    Has anyone heard different? It's almost the end of the week and I haven't seen anything in the mail!
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    The suspense is killing me. I hope the letters come soon.
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    I remember hearing, at some point during the application process, that Chemeketa would be sending our "letters" by email only. Did anyone else hear this?
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    OMG I am going crazy too! Checking my mailbox is the highlight of my day.
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    Mns I didn't hear anything about letters being emailed. From everything I've heard, the letters are snail mailed.