Chemeketa Community College Applicants 2011 - page 16

Just thought I would start a thread to see who else applied to Chemeketa. We should receive our scores in the next few weeks. The suspense is hard. I also applied to OHSU's BSN program.... Read More

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    Go talk to ---- in Advising. He can help you out.
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    The most important part is to follow closely all directions. Also what helped me is to practice writing an essay untill I memorized it. Going to writing center and let them check an essay helped too to get a perfect score.
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    I also wondered why they don't accept more applicants since it's rare for a full class to make it through. I'm told there are rules/laws against the number of nursing/cna/etc students per instructor. Since they can't be absolutely sure people will drop, they have to stay to the allowed limits. I've seen that happen in my other classes like Anatomy.
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    So - from the initial cohort of 56 - 36 graduated from the first (LPN) year. There were more members of the class than 36 (because some students who didn't make it through the first year in 2010-2011 were readmitted in the second and third terms).

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