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Just thought I would start a thread to see who else applied to Chemeketa. We should receive our scores in the next few weeks. The suspense is hard. I also applied to OHSU's BSN program.... Read More

  1. by   kdschamp
    Congrats Silverton57...did they tell how many initial alternates they called Friday? I wish there was a webpage or vmail we could check with's just torture to keep waiting and I hate to bug the department because I'm sure they're busy enough already!
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  2. by   gardenstt
    I bugged them... kinda... I e-mailed someone today asking about alternates. I'll post if I hear anything back.
  3. by   Silverton57
    Yea I don't know if they are allowed to release that info or not...but they might!
  4. by   gardenstt
    Mini update: My friend who was alternate #11 is now #7. That's all I have for now haha.
  5. by   boogalina
    Today at orientation, they had us test our answer clickers by answering whether we got in on the first try, or got in on our second (or subsequent) try.

    Of the 54 students answering, 33 got in on the first try, 21 on the second/+ try.

    So don't give up if you didn't get it, because you may get it the next time around. And you won't be alone!
  6. by   sleepycat7
    Some info for everyone. The 2011-2012 application demographics, according to information I received from an advisor at Chemeketa. The statistics for the nursing program for 11-12 entry were:

    296 applications received

    276 complete applications scored

    63 scores of 360 or above, with 365 being the total points possible

    56 available spots in the program

    17 students selected as alternates.

    Hope that helps everyone!
  7. by   IHH-13
    Hi, I realize this is an older post but I'm hoping some will still see it. Anyone who received a 50/50 on their nursing essay last year, can you share any tips that you think helped you do well on your essay or even the topic you chose to write about? Last year I had a perfect score before the essay and took the essay and received a 41/50. It's frustrating because I'm not sure what I was marked down for so any advice helps! Thanks so much
  8. by   Al34
    Go talk to ---- in Advising. He can help you out.
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  9. by   ArtOHSU
    The most important part is to follow closely all directions. Also what helped me is to practice writing an essay untill I memorized it. Going to writing center and let them check an essay helped too to get a perfect score.
  10. by   lastchance56
    I also wondered why they don't accept more applicants since it's rare for a full class to make it through. I'm told there are rules/laws against the number of nursing/cna/etc students per instructor. Since they can't be absolutely sure people will drop, they have to stay to the allowed limits. I've seen that happen in my other classes like Anatomy.
  11. by   boogalina
    So - from the initial cohort of 56 - 36 graduated from the first (LPN) year. There were more members of the class than 36 (because some students who didn't make it through the first year in 2010-2011 were readmitted in the second and third terms).