Any MHCC LPN students here??? :)

  1. Hello! Any MHCC LPN past, present, future students out there? If so, I'm interested in hearing how many points you have/had pre interview. I know application deadline isn't until JAnuary '10, but just for some peace of mind I'd like to scope out the competition!

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  3. by   Amandamay
    Hi, I'm just starting to look at LPN programs in the Portland area and was wondering if you looked at any of the private schools like Apollo or Concorde before MHCC? Any info you could give me would be helpful! Thanks.
  4. by   kyrasmith
    OMG! I just posted a reply to your question and it didn't appear!! Or maybe it did and you are gonna read this twice. Anyways here goes.....I did research on Apollo, Concorde, and Pioneer Pacific Wilsonville. These schools charge $25,000 for tuition. The reason these private schools are so spendy is because there are basically no requirements for entry to the program. I realized that not only was the price for these private schools way out of my range, the class hours for Concorde and Apollo were 8-4ish monday thru friday. Pioneer Pacific has an evening program that starts in February from 6pm-10pm monday thru friday, and they have day classes as well. Pioneer does require CNA licensure before acceptance to the program unlike the other two. The reason I chose MHCC is because the tuition is about $6,000; the program is evenings/weekends/online BUT there are requirements and I believe it is a fairly competitive program for entry; prerequisite GPA and CNA experience. Depending on your schedule, your CNA experience, and how much money you are willing to shell out should help you determine the best school for you. Good luck
  5. by   Amandamay
    Thank you so much for the info!