Am I Throwing Away Something Good?

  1. 0 Long story short: Rn for 1.5yrs, spent the first 6 months at a skilled facilty on nights (couldn't stand it) and then have been at a community health center for the past year. I really wanted to do community health, even in nursing school, however I'm at the point where i dont really feel like I am learning very much and I want more responsibility (that won't come internally from this job). SO - I was thinking about taking a trip abroad for about 2 months then looking for hospital jobs in POrtland when i get back in January 2011. I currently live on the coast and want to move there. The thing I throwing away a job w/lots of perks (good schedule, a desk, relatively less stres...) for a job at a hospital that I'm not even sure I can get???

    I've heard the job market is fierce in Portland, and despite not being a "new" grad, I don't have any hospital experience. Should I just keep what pays me and slowly look for hospital jobs instead of coming back from my trip w/o a job and taking the first thing that I can get (which will probably be at another SNF!)....
    please advise!
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    In the current economic conditions I would recommend that you keep your current job. Use your paid time off for a vacation. It might take months to find another position, even an on-call position at a hospital. Best of luck to you.

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