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  1. I'm am a nurse with 3 years experience, in medical but mostly telemetry and a little PCU. I only have my ADN. I'm from FL but currently doing travel nursing in California. I really want to work in the OR.. floor nursing is absolutely killing me and I've lost all job satisfaction. I feel as though the OR may be my only hope for happiness in this career. Would love to hear from some experienced OR nurses about their job satisfaction/ stress level. Also, I'm searching more any info/tips on finding nurse transition/ internship programs that will hire an experienced ADN nurse. I'm willing to relocate, preferably to Washington state, California, or back to FL where I have licenses. Please, any info helps! thanks!
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  3. by   forgop
    Hope you have better luck than me. Granted, I'm a relatively new RN, but in all of the OR postings, I always see "must have prior OR experience". It's not like anyone is willing to train you.
  4. by   Deucedst
    So true....I am trying to transition to the OR but I keep being told you must have experience. ...even though I took a peri op course.....I feel how I did when I first started looking for a RN job 4 years ago....
  5. by   procrastinator911
    Hey, there are Hospitals that have OR internships. I would say don't give up. I'm a new grad and just started my OR internship. The group of interns ahead of my group consist of 2 new grads to 2 experienced nurses. This forum has a lot of similar questions. Look through here I'm sure you'll find some good info. I know I do. Good luck with ur search
  6. by   RN in training
    Apply apply apply! I have an ADN. I optimistically applied to a listing requiring 2+ years OR experience at an ASC a couple months before I graduated school with obviously no OR experience, very little tech experience, and the only nursing experience I has was from clinical rotations in school. I wrote and honest and enthusiastic cover letter and went over my Rez with a fine tooth comb. They called me to set up an interview, liked me, and made me an offer on April 19. I started work as a patient care tech in the OR to learn the ropes in April. I graduated on May 7, took my boards May 22, and began work as a nurse immediately. Best job ever. Mon-fri 0645-1515, no holidays, no on call, no weekends, no nights. Amazing staff. All kinda procedures from general to ortho to ent to eyes to cysto to neuro, so I'm NEVER bored.

    The point of my story is, doooooont let "exp required" deter you. Apply anyway!!!! Great things can happen when they see a motivated person such as yourself wanting to hop on board. Good luck!