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Hi All! I am a second semester Rn student taking med-surg. Today, we went on a tour of the OR and PACU with our professor. I had such a good time. It was so intersting and definatley seems like a place that I am interested... Read More

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    Many years ago when I began my career as an OR nurse it was acceptable to admit nurses into the specialty without general med/surg experience. All one needed was a strong desire to learn prodcedures, instrumentation and equipment necessary for surgery.
    I have noticed that RN's coming to the OR with a base of knowledge from a few years' med/surg seem to assimilate the principles and practices of perioperative nursing more quickly than those that don't. Their critical thinking skills are more refined as is their ability to organize, prioritize and carry out nursing care essential to the surgical patient in the OR.

    Good luck,

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    I agree that nurses with floor experience usually take to the OR much faster than new RNs. However, persons with good organizational skills and a great desire to learn are found to excell and advance beyond the floor nurse because they don't have to have bad habits broken and adjustments made to prioritization. New RNs nearly always do well.
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    I'm a new grad in the OR. AT the hospital where I work, there is an internship, which lasts a year. So we are going to be with a preceptor for a while. I am glad though b/c i think it's tough learnign so much new stuff. I refuse to work on the floor, so I am making the OR the place for me.
  4. 0 you or anyone from this forum think, that an OR nurse, can go to other areas of the hospital and be able to function as well as in the OR???? I am an OR nurse who went straight into the OR out of school. I am getting so burned out that I have been considering other aspects of nursing.
    Don't get me wrong....I love the OR, it is just the managers and some of the staff that I get so frustrated with. Going to another hospital is not impossible but very difficult. The hospital that I work at is just 5 minutes from my house.
    Please repsond to my query.
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    I can empathize with your burnout. This is a struggle for many of us at one time or another.
    When I am feeling stressed and burned out I try to pinpoint the frustration; if the problem is me, I adjust my attitude(work on interpersonnal relationships) and if it is not I advocate like hell for what I believe is the best practice.
    The OR can be very challenging in that several disciplines are converging on ONE patient AT THE SAME TIME all trying to provide a positive outcome for the patient. We are all unique; we each lend a measure of necessary expertise to the case.
    This collaboration works when there is mutual respect and dignity among team members. Is that lacking in your case? Are you allowed to function in an autonomous manner? Is there conflicts regarding best practices/AORN recommended practices and control issues?
    As to your question re a lateral move; I know it would be quite a challenge for me to become acclimated to any unit after working in an OR for over 27 years. I would think it is possible to incorporate your base of knowledge in perioperative nursing and work in an ambulatory care (surgery) setting, labor and delivery, endoscopy unit or perhaps interventional radiology (cath lab,pacers,ercp's), or dialysis center.
    I believe anything is possible with hard work, determination and open-minded willingness to succeed.

    Good luck,

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    I am an OR nurse from Oz, we have a graduate nurse program for new RNs, they spend a year trying 3 mths in different specialtys, we have a preceptor program for them in the OR, which seems to work really well.. Many of our GNs come back and work with us permanently, and most of them want too. It is wonderful having such a lot of new ideas and opinions and especially enthusiasm by these our junior staff.
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    I'll say our OR is cool! A lovely 18`C...

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