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Hey all, I'm a nursing student in Alberta, set to graduate next December. I really want to do my final focus in the OR, and if that's not possible I would like to work in the OR someday. The only problem is that, years ago before... Read More

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    Where I work you can't have visible tattoos and no where in the hospital are we permitted to wear long sleeves in a patient care area. We do have a nurse on our floor that uses some sort of water proof cover up on her arm tats. Each place is different and it will depend on their dress code.
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    Hello. I have a full sleeve tattoo on my left arm and a chest piece that covers my entire chest. I also got these tattoos before I became a nurse. I am a perioperative nurse and before I was a nursing assistant and sterile processing tech for surgical services. I cover my tattoos with a surgical jacket because outside linen is not permitted in the surgery dept. I have to button the jacket all the way to my neck (which is not convienent but it's better than not having a job). It shouldn't be a problem for you, just make sure to cover up tattoos for any interview and when you come into work grab a surgical jacket. I am a new grad and got hired right into surgery. Please message me if you need anything.
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    Lol, yeah we wear long sleeves, jackets/sweaters in the O.R. & the occasional skirt or shawl (blanket from the warmer wrapped around your waist or shoulders).

    If you're a scrub tech or will be scrubbing otherwise, then you might run into problems...which just means you take the "undershirt" off & don't worry about it because you'll be scrubbed in.

    If anything, I imagine the main objection would probably be if any of your tats would be considered offensive (nudity, etc.) otherwise, again wouldn't worry about it. I have tattoos myself...not to mention ongoing discussions with colleagues, planning our next tattoos.
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