Starting Perioperative Nursing Program in January, Need Advice

  1. Hello All, I am currently an RN with ADN and working in LTC/Post acute care. I am very unhappy doing this type of nursing. Although I enjoy the residents and love giving care, this type of nursing really scares me as far as the charting and the overwhelming amount of work! I have decided to enter into the perioperative nursing program at my alma mater which has a very good reputation. I am very excited to start the program which begins in January 2014 and lasts for one semester with a clinical rotation at one of our local hospitals. I just want some advice as to what to expect and if this program is worth the money (3,000 +). I really want to specialize in perioperative nursing and this is the only way I can see going in order to realize my goal.

    Thank you so much for any advice you can offer!
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  3. by   MAYGABUCKS
    Where are you taking you Periop program. I took one last semester at Delaware County Community College and I loved it. I am currently working in a surgery center and per diem in a hospital OR. (I got a job about 2 months after completion of the program). During this program we met once a week and had sim labs and lecture during class time. I thought both were very beneficial, especially labs where the instructors would set up and practice what ever skill YOU felt you needed to work on. Clinical was set up on your own time, at your own pace. Some of us went once a week, some went everyday for two weeks straight, depended on your availability as well as the clinical site you chose. I felt the program was worth the money, atleast to get your foot in the door. I was a medsurg nurse in an acute care facility prior to doing the program, however many of my peers were coming from working at home and/or LTC's, some even new grads with no experience at all and as far as i know most, if not all are working in the OR. Best of luck to you!
  4. by   seashells2011
    MAYGABUCKS, thanks for info! I will be in that same program January 2014! I am so happy to hear the program was successful for you. I am very excited, can't wait to start.