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  1. 0 Hi,

    I was wondering will OR hire RN without OR exp? I have been a nurse for less then a yr now. I have about 4 months psych exp and now working a on medical floor.

    Any suggestions how to get into the OR?

    Thank you!
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    I was a new grad for 10 months, I started applying at 6 months and I worked as an orthopedic nurse and yes its possible to go into OR w/o experience and lets just say I'm never leaving ever!!! Good bye bedside forever
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    Omg, I feel the same way.. Bed side nursing is not for me!!! I'm in med surg now learning alot..
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    I graduated with my BSN in 2009. Here in California it was/is tough to be in a new graduate program. I started to explore other options rather than bedside Nursing (Bedside is what I assumed was typical for most new grad nurses to practice in). My fiance (boyfriend at the time) was having ACL surgery at a surgery center, where I inevitably applied and was hired as a Pre Op/PACU RN. They then trained me to circulate in the OR. I did this for a year and then transitioned as a circulator and Charge Nurse inpatient for Acute Patients in a hospital main OR. This summer will mark 2 years working in the Main OR.

    Long story short, majority of hospital OR's will NOT hire new grads. The exceptions that I have seen are the following:
    - you have done your preceptorship in the unit
    - You have started in the OR (as scrub tech, orderly, anesthesia tech, etc.)
    - You have experience as an RN on the floor, and are accepted by the Surgery unit to "train" in the OR

    I suggest starting out as I did at a surgery center. It will give you the basics you need to understand the role of a circulator and definately get your feet wet!

    Hope this helps!
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    I was hired as a brand new grad into the OR. Worked there for a year and a half. Went per diem and just started in my dream career in L&D. I don't know what state you are in but I'm in PA. Most of the hires are new grads at my old hospital. They like to mold you. I only stopped because the call was alot. 8-10 calls per 6 week period. Level 1 trauma center. I loved the 5 right hour shifts but the call was overwhelming and my dream job presented itself at the best time. Good luck. Just make sure after u apply u call the nurse recruiter and sell yourself to get an interview.
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    I've been a RN for about 8 months now - in med surg/critical care. And I must agree with you, bedside nursing is just not for me either. I mean, I do not totally hate my job, but I do not love it either - most times, if not all, I have that feeling of dread when going to work, unfortunately.

    I recently applied to an OR position, which required OR experience but I applied anyway. I e-mailed the recruiter, got my application routed, e-mailed the DON--weeks flew by, then BAM, an e-mail to schedule an interview. Thank GOD! I'm thrilled! So, I agree with the previous post about following up after you submit your application- so it's very possible, especially if it is an internship or residency program. The position I am interviewing for is an internship, not the experienced nurse's position - I had no idea there was an internship for the OR at this facility, not until after communicating with the DON. So, I pray that all this works out.

    With communication and dedication - you'll find your place. Good Luck!
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    Good luck!! Hopefully you will get into into OR.
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    Thank you so much. Same to you.