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  1. please, can anyone offer me some advice - I need a way to remove alcoholic iodine prep from skin. I've been doing some organ procurements where the surgeon has used this prep and it breaks my heart having to send the patients back to their grieving families looking anything less than pristine.I've tried soapy water, alcohol wipes, chlorhexidine cetrimide.. Alcohol fades it a little, but you have to rub and rub and even then the improvement is only slight. does anyone have a trick? This is really important to me.
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  3. by   nancymarie phillips
    The prep solution you describe is designed to remain on the skin for several days as a mechanical and chemical barrier. The manufacturer (3M) does make a removal product. The removal product does contain some alcohol.
  4. by   Ilovethe80s
    We use the 3M removal product that Nancymarie wrote about & it works really well. I know some surgeons prefer we leave the prep on, but the surgeon I work with 3 days a week prefers that we take a good portion of it off.