Passed the CNOR exam - page 2

Just passed my CNOR certification exam this afternoon! It was the most difficult test in my nursing career. I don't remember the NCLEX being this stressful. My advice for those studying for it is to... Read More

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    good luck!!!
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    Hey everyone. Sorry for the late response. My employer made it an incentive to get my certification by reimbursing my exam test fee and provided test prep courses for the unit. Also, it helps with my career portfolio when I apply for RN III (pay raise). Honestly, the key to passing is to select the "best" answer to what they are asking and not the answer that gives too much information. For example, a surgeon keeps asking you to increase the coag on the bovie. The answer would be to "increase the setting" instead of "check the bovie pad or connector" because the alarm would of went off if there was a problem. A lot of trick questions. Focus on your test-taking skills. Good luck!

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