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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I will be a new grad in May with my BSN. I have always been passionate about being in the operating room. All my clinical strengths seem to coincide with this particular specialty. I even joined the AORN as a student member. Eventually, I do want to become CNOR and RNFA certified. What really made it concrete is the perioperative course I took as my elective. I have an upcoming interview with a major hospital for their operating room residency. Even though this is my dream, there is still lots that I don't know about being in the OR due to my being a new grad. I'm just trying to get some ideas from seasoned OR nurses, or just anyone who has been interviewed lately, about the kind of questions you feel like I should be prepared for. I have researched some questions, but I need more. It is importnat to me to be prepared for anything that they may ask. Also, what should I be prepared to say to let them know that I would be an asset to the OR? I'm trying not to stress too much. It's only my entire future on the line, lol. I love the OR environment!

    Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   Emily Suzanne
    Hi there! I haven't posted on this site since my NCLEX 3 years ago. Now that I have a little experience...maybe I can help. I'm an OR RN at a childrens hospital.

    It sounds like you're already off to such a great start.

    It's a good thing to be able to communicate to your interviewer(s) that you understand the different roles between a circulator and a scrub...whether it's a scrub RN or scrub tech. Do a little research and show them that you get it.

    Communication is a big one. Having good communication skills and being assertive is key.

    Advocating for the patient...also a big one. OR nurses are the ones who have to advocate for the patient while they are asleep. When no one else will speak for them...it's our job to speak up.

    Let them know that you understand what it is to be "on call" and that you are cool with it.

    These are just a few helpful tips...a few key words...that interviewers like to hear.

    : )