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Operating Room LPN's

  1. 0 [FONT=Lucida Console]Could you please tell me exactly what your work day is like as an LPN in the OR? The reason I ask is I need to have specifics when I go to my PCM and Personnel to discuss what other LPNs to elswhere.

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    I can only answer for the OR for my facility and its satellite facilities. This is one you probably won't want to hear. In the OR, their job description is the same as a CST with the exception that the LPN can retrieve meds, and inject meds. With those two differences, the job descriptions are exact (substituting CST and LPN). To hire into our OR in one of these categories (for CST) one must have graduated an approved CAAHEP program and sit for the NBSTSA exam within 6 mths and pass the certification exam in1 year and have, maintained their BLS through the American Heart Association. For the LPN; they must have currency on their license, have one year OR experience and have, maintained their BLS through the American Heart Association.

    This question will get a very varied response as this position in the OR is only regulated in three states through legislations.