o r personnel who ONLY want to scrub!

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    The response to the thread about R N's who dont want to scrub, has had me thinking. I've worked with nurses and techs who only want to scrub and let me tell u that can be really annoying. Some people enjoy acting like a prima donna at the table, while making eyes at the surgeon, then when u finish the case they remove their gloves and go for a 20 minute break, even if the case only lasts half an hour. All the while you clean up, get the patient off the table, get the supplies for the next case. Prima donna saunters back in and scrubs up again. And before u all say dont let it happen, its more difficult then u think to stop the cycle especially if prima donna is more senior they u.

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    It seems you let this happen or your nurse manager let's it go. Don't put up with it. Any way Techs can only scrub. Just wait till next time they need something in a hurry and want you to go and get it. I have gotten lost and when I have gotten back the surgeon isn't too happy but heck the scrub should have had it. Speak up and don't let this go on. Next time bring the patient back to the room before the scrub has time to open and watch them sweat when the surgeon come back and finds them not ready. Also who cares if their senior, they no better and there are ways to get back at them. Good luck anyway, Mike
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    The OR should be a team environment--we all work together to get the job done. There is no excuse for the behavior you are describing-whether the scrubs are senior or not. Have these scrubs ever circulated? I have know techs who thought what they did was SO much harder than what the circulator does. As someone who has served extensively in both roles, I know for a fact that is not true.
    Have you discussed this with your manager? If he/she is reluctant to deal with employee issues you could present it as slowing turnover times and hindering patient care.
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    I totally agree with spineCNOR, it should be a team environment. It is too bad your manager can't see what's going on. You should not have to shoulder all the responsibility of the room. When you have to wait for someone to do their part in the room turnover then it does slow everything down. In the states here the RN is the responsible person and the Techs are really subordinate to them, I know this is sensitive to Techs because some don't think they should answer to anyone. But the RN is the one who runs the room and the manager will come to them when things start to slow down asking why. Hang in there and I would really bring this issue to your manager because it makes you look bad. Good luck again, Mike
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    you know mike I hear what your saying but not all nurse managers act like managers. I sometimes think nurses make the worst managers. So many of my managers, are paid to manage, go to manager meetings, remind us of whose in charge, yet when it comes down to the nitty gritty, dont want the boat rocked. Thats why theres a lot of bullying and inappropriate behavior amongst nurses. Too many chiefs, and one indian!
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    The OR is a very unique enviorment. I have worked in OR's for more than 20 years. It takes alot of confidence and a strong ego to do what we do. When we let those ego's get too big, we all suffer.

    I strongly believe that ALL RN's that circulate should also be able to scrub. I was taught by the old school that you should be able to do anything that those with less qualifications do under your instruction.

    I would like to see more students in the OR. Here our students have 1 day. In a four yr program that seems quite absurb to me. The student is still trying to figure out how to breathe with a mask on and to be able to see without running into the sterile field. Perhaps that is what some of the problem is.
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    I agree with you that it is unfortunate that students today have so little exposure to the OR. I think part of the problem is that many nurses in academia consider OR nursing to be technical, not professional. Gee, if one of their loved ones were having surgery wouldn't they want them to have a professional nurse taking care of them in the OR???
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    carcha, I agree that all managers are different and I really meant that the manager will ask why things are running behind because it makes her look bad. We actually do much better if she stays in her office and out of our way. She actually has many years as a working OR nurse but over the past 10-15 years it has become only an administrative position. Mike
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    you know speaking of students, while we've had a lot of great, interested and willing ones, I recently had one who tried my patience big time. every time i turned around to include her in what i was doing she was sitting on a stool in the corner. what is with some of them?
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    Carcha, she may have just felt a bit overwhelmed or intimidated, and was trying to stay out of your way, lest she contaminate something or have someone snap at her for being too close to the field. She also may have gotten a bit light headed.

    I usually try to introduce the student to the surgeon and anesthesiologist and ask them to suggest a place where the student can stand to be able to see everything; I also ask those folks (right in front of the student, so that the student doesn't have to feel shy about asking) if they will explain whatever they are doing at the moment, or anything intersting that comes up, to the student as it happens.

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