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The response to the thread about R N's who dont want to scrub, has had me thinking. I've worked with nurses and techs who only want to scrub and let me tell u that can be really annoying. Some people enjoy acting like a prima... Read More

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    Originally posted by carcha
    you know speaking of students, while we've had a lot of great, interested and willing ones, I recently had one who tried my patience big time. every time i turned around to include her in what i was doing she was sitting on a stool in the corner. what is with some of them?
    Carcha, she may have just felt a bit overwhelmed or intimidated, and was trying to stay out of your way, lest she contaminate something or have someone snap at her for being too close to the field. She also may have gotten a bit light headed.

    I usually try to introduce the student to the surgeon and anesthesiologist and ask them to suggest a place where the student can stand to be able to see everything; I also ask those folks (right in front of the student, so that the student doesn't have to feel shy about asking) if they will explain whatever they are doing at the moment, or anything intersting that comes up, to the student as it happens.