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    I will be graduating from nursing school in May and would like to work in the OR as either a scrub nurse or a circulating nurse. I'm thinking about going into a surgical tech program after I graduate because it will teach me the knowledge and skills required to work in an OR. I know some hospitals train nurses to work in the OR but I'm thinking that getting certified will give me more options and make me a more attractive candidate. Is this a good idea or is it not necessary? Thanks.

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    It's not necessary. Apply to as many OR internships as possible, and once you're accepted, they'll teach you to scrub and circulate cases. If you had completed a tech program before nursing, then it would have made you a better candidate, but in this instance, it won't make a difference. Don't spend more money on a certificate that will occupy another year of your life. As a former scrub tech and CNOR, now a Surgical NP, there's no other place I'd rather be than in the OR. Good luck to you.
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    It's not necessary and will rack up more student loans and keep you out of a job while ur in school. I was a Surg tech prior to getting my bsn and I got a job as an or nurse with no experience as a Surg tech because I never got a job doing it. Look into hospitals and call nurse recruiters. My hospital hires new grads with no experience for the or all the time. The orientation period is 6 months and they will teach you everything.

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