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Hello! I am graduating with my BSN in May 2011, and I am incredibly excited because I have an interview for a wonderful OR new grad position. The training is for 9 months, and I'm very excited about the opportunity! This will be... Read More

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    Ahhh, thats why they asked about my 5 year plan.

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    I also got an interview for a 9 month OR training program and I believe it will be a panel interview as well. What type of questions did they ask you? I'm so nervous! I've been looking up lists and lists of interview questions but I can't find much about the OR! Please let me know if you remember some of the questions! Thanks!
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    Mine was really casual. They asked me "why the OR?", "what is my 5 year plan for nursing?", nothing too specific. I had to fill out a questionnaire in essay form and it answered alot of the questions. Just be enthusiastic and know about the hospital.

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