new grad in OR, switching to floor later in career

  1. I was just offered at job in the OR as a new graduate. It is something I would love to do, plus the fact that jobs are hard to come for new grads right now, I am taking it. I am wondering say in a few years I wanted to switch to floor nursing. Is it difficult to get hired if I only have experience in the operating room? If anyone has done this I'd love to hear your stories.
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  3. by   StLKor
    Hello ryleeg,
    I have recently made the tradition from OR nursing to floor nursing. I did it to further my knowledge in pharm, assessment, and pt education before I graduate NP school. The change I made, and that you speak of, is pretty unheard of as usually floor nursing is where careers begin and the OR is one people don't tend to leave. I also went right into the OR after graduating (I had OR experience already). So far it has been a challenging change as the floor I now work cares for patients with neuro and renal needs. It was difficult to find a floor position when I was looking. My resume helped a lot as I have continued in my education and earned certain certifications, however during my interview for the floor I now work, they questioned my nursing skills and seemed to have doubt. Luckily I know people that were influential in helping me with my goal to get the position. I certainly enjoyed the OR and still pick up there from time to time. I consider it a home and hope you strive to do the best you can wherever it is you land. Good luck.
  4. by   wknurse141
    Hello StLKor,

    Ok so I just posted a similar question. I'm a new grad and I would love to be in the OR but I have alot of pressure to get a job mainly a floor job and since my long term goal is to be an FNP I know a floor job would help with assessment skills. It's good to know someone has made the transition thanks!